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3D打印ZoomMaker:价格合理的 2K SLA 3D 打印机

2020-12-25  3128

如果3D打印是一种颠覆性技术,可以为任何人带来可观的效率提升和局部化的微制造能力,那么它就不会像通常那样昂贵和复杂。因此,我们决定创建Zoom Maker,这是一种经济实惠且易于使用的SLA 3D打印机,任何人都可以拥有和使用。

If 3D printing is such a disruptive technology that can bring impressive efficiency gains and localized micro-manufacturing capacity to anyone, then it shouldn’t be as expensive and complicated as it normally is. That’s why we decided to create Zoom Maker, the affordable and easy-to-use SLA 3D Printer that anyone can own and use.

我们相信民主化3D打印技术的获取。那就是我们开发Zoom Maker的基础之一:价格合理。但是,质量呢?好吧,我们不相信为了降低价格而牺牲质量。因此,您不仅会喜欢Zoom Maker的价格,而且会真正爱上其卓越的品质。

We believe in democratizing access to 3D printing technology. That’s one of the foundations on which we developed Zoom Maker: it’s designed to be affordable. However, what about the quality? Well, we don’t believe in compromising the quality just to reduce the price. That’s why you’ll not only love Zoom Maker’s price—you’ll actually fall in love with its superb quality.

Zoom Maker不仅具有出色的性能,而且还非常紧凑并且非常适合桌面使用。 Zoom Maker尺寸仅为13.7 x 8.2 x 8.2英寸(35 x 21 x 21厘米),重量不超过10磅(4.5千克),是适用于任何小型或大型工作室,办公室或车间的理想3D打印机。只需将其放在您的桌面上,看看它的魔力正在发生!

Zoom Maker does not only deliver a spectacular performance—it’s also very compact and extremely desktop-friendly. Measuring only 13.7 x 8.2 x 8.2 inches (35 x 21 x 21 cm) and weighing no more than 10 pounds (4.5Kg), Zoom Maker is the perfect 3D Printer for any small or large studio, office or workshop. Just place it on your desktop and see its magic happening!

您已经知道Zoom Maker是紧凑的……但是请不要误会:缩小的尺寸只会使其在保存,携带,使用和存储时更加方便,而不会影响其打印量。实际上,Zoom Maker的均匀最大建筑面积为4.7 x 2.6英寸(120 x 68毫米),建筑高度为5.5英寸(140毫米)。这意味着虽然这是一台小型3D打印机,但它具有巨人的灵魂和力量!

You already know that Zoom Maker is compact… but make no mistake: its reduced dimensions only make it more convenient to keep, carry, use and store but don’t compromise its printing volume. In fact, Zoom Maker has a uniform maximum build area of 4.7 x 2.6 inches (120 x 68 mm) and a building height of 5.5 inches (140 mm). That means that while this is a small-sized 3D printer, it has the soul and capacity of a giant!

作为3D打印设备,Zoom Maker既易于理解又易于使用。操作它没有复杂的要求,因此任何人都可以做到。更好的是,Zoom Maker附带了易于使用的软件,该软件支持各种桌面和云集成,使您可以无缝共享和发布创作。这就是我们使高质量3D打印比以往更容易获得的方式!

As a 3D printing device, Zoom Maker is as easy to understand as it’s easy to use. There are no complex requirements to operate it, so anyone can do it. Even better, Zoom Maker comes with easy-to-use software that supports a variety of desktop and cloud integrations, allowing you to seamlessly share and publish your creations. That’s how we’re making high-quality 3D printing more accessible than ever!

HD 3D打印不仅仅是我们所说的一句话。对于Zoom Maker,这是一项关键功能。以45微米XY分辨率和最大10微米Z层厚度进行打印,Zoom Maker可以以更高的分辨率进行打印,从而在打印时细化设计的细节方面为您提供出色的结果。

HD 3D Printing isn’t just a word we throw around. In the case of Zoom Maker, it’s a key feature. Printing at 45 micrometres XY resolution and up to 10 micrometre Z layer thickness, Zoom Maker prints in higher resolution to give you an outstanding outcome in terms of having the details of your design finely reproduced when printed.

这是完美的序列-您可以使用Zoom Maker参与其中。配备触摸屏,以真正无缝的方式操作此3D打印机并创建高质量的对象仅需几步之遥。

That’s the perfect sequence—and you can engage in it with Zoom Maker. Equipped with a touch screen, you’re only a few touches away from operating this 3D printer in a truly seamless way and having it created high-quality objects.

由于具有LCD显示屏,Zoom Maker可以方便地随时查看3D打印过程的状态。这是进入3D打印世界的完美窗口,可让您详细了解每个打印过程需要多长时间以及设备要打印的层的形状是什么。

Since it has an LCD display, Zoom Maker conveniently allows you to see the status of the 3D printing process at all times. It’s a perfect window into your 3D printing world, letting you know in detail how long each printing process should take and what’s the shape of the layer that the device is printing.

Zoom Maker具有USB端口,可让您在项目中插入USB闪存驱动器,触摸屏幕以选择要打印的USB驱动器中的哪个项目,然后继续进行。因此,如果无法使用互联网连接或基于云的驱动器无法使您的生活变得更轻松,则无需担心。使用Zoom Maker,您只需要一个USB驱动器即可开始打印!

Zoom Maker has a USB port that allows you to insert a USB flash drive with your project, touch the screen to choose which project in the USB drive you want to print and get it going. So, if an internet connection isn’t available or if cloud-based drives aren’t making your life easier, you don’t need to worry about it. With Zoom Maker, all you need is a USB drive to start printing!

FDM 3D打印机既快速又便宜。没错,应该明确说明。但是,这还不够,因为它提供的质量并不如您所希望的那样好。这就是SLA 3D打印机(例如Zoom Maker)与众不同的地方:它超快,超便宜,并提供非凡的打印质量。这就是为什么Zoom Maker是您需要的3D打印机!

FDM 3D printers are fast and cheap. That’s true and it should be clearly stated. However, that’s not enough because the quality it delivers isn’t nearly as good as you’d want it to be. And that’s where an SLA 3D Printer such as Zoom Maker makes a difference: it’s super-fast, it’s super cheap, and it delivers extraordinary printing quality. That’s why Zoom Maker is the 3D printer you need!

我们希望使3D打印成为一种易于使用的技术,因此这是我们创建Zoom Maker的动机之一。但是,我们还希望创建一种3D打印机,该打印机可提供更高的稳定性和可靠性,同时无需进行大量维护。 Zoom Maker是一种低维护3D打印机,旨在随时间推移始终如一地平稳工作和打印。

We wanted to make 3D printing an easy-to-use technology, so that was one of our motivations to create Zoom Maker. However, we also wanted to create a 3D printer that offers more stability and reliability while requiring less intensive maintenance. Zoom Maker is a low-maintenance 3D printer that’s built to work and print consistently and smoothly over time.

Zoommaker多年来一直生产高质量3D打印机,并具有强大的研发能力。现在,我们进入产品开发的新阶段,并推出价格合理的2K SLA 3D高性能打印机。我们的目标是创建一种易于使用,价格合理且高质量的3D打印机。我们认为3D打印机对于个人来说是必不可少的,每个人都可以按照自己的意愿创建模型。

Zoommaker has been producing high-quality 3D printers for years and has strong R&D capabilities. Now we enter the new stage of our product development, and we introduce the affordable 2K SLA 3D High-Performing Printer. We aim to create a 3D printer that is easy to use, affordable, and high quality. We believe 3D printers should be essentials for individuals and everybody can create the model as they like.


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