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3D打印Carbon 和 CCM 定制的 3D 打印冰球头盔衬里

2020-10-16  4039

带有NEST Tech的Super Tacks X头盔将在即将到来的NHL赛季中亮相。

Super Tacks X helmet with NEST Tech to feature in upcoming NHL season.


Hockey is an extremely physical sport, where players are checked into sideboards and a dense puck made of vulcanized rubber is launched across the ice and into the air at dizzying speeds. To keep players as protected as possible in these circumstances, they are equipped with heaps of gear, from shin pads and elbow pads, to jock cups and neckguards. The head, of course, is protected too, with a helmet and often face guard or shield.

但是,头盔的功效直接取决于其适合性,这导致近年来推动为专业和业余水平的运动员提供更加量身定制的保护解决方案的趋势。现在,Carbon和设备公司CCM Hockey发布了一种新的曲棍球头盔设计,该设计利用3D打印和Next Evolution Sense Technology(NEST)提供定制的头部保护。

However, the efficacy of a helmet is directly tied to its fit, which has led to a push in recent years to create more tailored protective solutions for athletes at both professional and amateur levels. Now, Carbon and equipment company CCM Hockey have released a new hockey helmet design, which leverages 3D printing and Next Evolution Sense Technology (NEST) to offer custom-fit head protection.

Carbon首席执行官Ellen Kullman说:“在Carbon,我们始终致力于使客户将创新产品推向市场,从而推动行业向前发展。” “我们很高兴与曲棍球设备领先制造商CCM Hockey合作,生产出革命性的曲棍球头盔,它将改变比赛格局。CCM曲棍球设备是一个多世纪以来的领先制造商。”

“At Carbon, we are laser focused on enabling customers to bring innovative products to market that push industries forward,” said Carbon CEO Ellen Kullman. “We’re excited to partner with CCM Hockey, a leading manufacturer in hockey equipment for over a century, to produce a revolutionary hockey helmet that will change the game.”

有问题的头盔被称为CCM Hockey的具有NEST Tech的Super Tacks X,是使用Carbon的数字光合成(DLS)技术制造的。前述的NEST技术由旨在改善透气性,舒适性和保护性的格子结构衬里组成。头盔衬里还针对玩家的头部进行了定制,以提供更好的能量吸收和消散。

The helmet in question, called CCM Hockey’s Super Tacks X with NEST Tech, is manufactured using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology. The aforementioned NEST technology consists of a lattice-structured liner designed to improve breathability, comfort and protection. The helmet liner is also customized to the player’s head, providing better energy absorption and dissipation.

带有3D打印衬里的头盔将在NHL即将到来的2021赛季中展出,该季节计划于12月开始。如果您是冰上运动的狂热爱好者,您可能已经对CCM曲棍球头盔有所了解,因为它是由三名冰上运动员进行试戴的:多伦多枫叶的Austin Matthews和John Tavares以及加拿大的Maph Leaf的Seth Jones哥伦布蓝夹克。 (据报道,这三者只是说了好话。)但不仅仅是专业玩家有机会戴上新头盔:CCM透露,它将在2021年春季为消费者发布3D打印零售头盔。

The helmet with 3D printed liner will be featured in the NHL’s upcoming 2021 season, which is scheduled to kick off this December. If you’re a fan of the ice sport, you may have already gotten a glimpse of the CCM Hockey helmet, as it was trialled by three players on the ice: Austin Matthews and John Tavares of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Seth Jones of the Columbus Blue Jackets. (All three reportedly only had good things to say.) But it’s not just the professional players that will have the chance to wear the new helmets: CCM revealed it will be releasing a 3D printed retail helmet for consumers in spring of 2021.

“带有NEST Tech的Super Tacks X是一项革命性的头盔衬里技术,为我们的运动员带来了无与伦比的透气性,出色的贴合性,更好的舒适性和精英水平的保护,” CCM Hockey产品创造副总裁Jeff Dalzell说。 “我们很高兴与Carbon携手合作,通过这款新头盔为冰球行业带来前所未有的创新。”

“Super Tacks X with NEST Tech is a revolutionary helmet liner technology, bringing unmatched breathability, superior fit, improved comfort and elite level protection for our athletes,” said Jeff Dalzell, Vice President of Product Creation at CCM Hockey. “We’re thrilled to be working collaboratively with Carbon to bring never-before-seen innovation to the hockey industry with this new helmet.”

共同开发的头盔衬里是使用Carbon Design Engine软件设计的,该软件会根据用户输入的性能和重量标准生成优化的晶格结构。晶格经过精心设计,可以通过将内部阻尼支柱与曲棍球运动员所经历的撞击方向对齐来应对曲棍球比赛的高应力。头盔衬里由130,000多个单独的支撑杆组成,每个支撑杆都经过特定的调整。衬里还可以通过增加或减小结构的厚度来改变某些区域的刚度。 Carbon解释说,这允许晶格吸收并安全地分散来自线性和旋转冲击的能量。

The jointly developed helmet liner is designed using Carbon Design Engine software, which generates an optimized lattice structure based on performance and weight criteria input by the user. The lattice has been engineered to handle the high stresses of a hockey game by aligning internal damping struts against the directions of impact that hockey players experience. The helmet liner consists of over 130,000 individual struts, each of which is tuned in a particular way. The liner also varies stiffness in certain areas by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the structs. This, Carbon explains, allows the lattice to absorb and safely disperse energy from linear and rotational impacts.

这不是Carbon首次涉足体育界,也不是头盔生产。去年,美国体育用品制造商Riddell采用Carbon的L1 3D打印技术将首批定制3D打印头盔衬板推向市场。衬里,也使用轮廓印刷的格子结构生产,被集成到了用于足球运动员的SpeedFlex Precision Diamond头盔中。一组选定的NFL球员在2018年获得了定制头盔的试用版。

This is not Carbon’s first foray into the world of sports, nor into the production of helmets. Last year, American sports manufacturer Riddell adopted Carbon’s L1 3D printing technology to bring the first custom 3D printed helmet liners to market. The liner, also produced using a contouring printed lattice structure, is integrated into its SpeedFlex Precision Diamond helmet for football players. A select group of NFL players were given the custom helmets to trial in 2018.


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